if you need plumbing in Northglenn, CO you can rely on our team of professionalsHave you been dreaming of finding a plumber who could also handle your heating and air conditioning needs? Well dream no more. You finally found a plumber I can save you time and money by knocking out multiple services in a single visit. Do you need your water heater repaired? Your air filters changed? How about your garbage disposal serviced? We can do all of these things and more - and in just a single visit. Call our plumbers in Northglenn today to discover what services we have to offer you, and at what great prices.


  • pipe sweating is part of the repiping jobfix your leaky toilet
  • check for gas line leaks
  • check for water leaks
  • perform full or partial repipes
  • check for sewer line damages
  • perform slab leak repair
  • a new faucet installationperform live video camera inspections
  • perform drain cleaning and clog removal
  • upgrade and repair your faucets and fixtures
  • repair and replace your garbage disposal
  • repair and replace your water heater (tanked or tankless)


  • Larry is fixing an AC unitpreventative air conditioner maintenance
  • preventative furnace maintenance
  • air conditioner installation
  • furnace installation
  • thermostat installation and maintenance

Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals are really a matter of convenience when it comes to cleaning up your kitchen. most of your food scraps can go down the garbage disposal to be recycled instead of being thrown in the garbage directly. However, a lack of knowledge regarding proper garbage disposal care and maintenance means that we get tons of garbage disposal repair calls.

Many of our customers get items stuck in the garbage disposal, Paul is working on a garbage disposal repairrun too hot of water, or simply try to dispose of food substances that are hard on their garbage disposal itself. Luckily for them and for us we know how to repair almost any garbage disposal on the market today. we can disassemble your garbage disposal, look at the problem, and fix it usually within minutes or hours.

We deal with common garbage disposal brands and models such as:

  • WasteKing
  • InSinkErator
  • Badger
  • KitchenAid

We ask your friend from using over-the-counter drain cleaning chemicals on your garbage disposal - or at least, don't use them frequently. These chemicals are actually dangerous when combined with other household substances, but they also wear down soft rubber parts inside of your drain. Instead, call a professional plumber when you need garbage disposal repair in Northglenn. And remember never stick your hand anywhere near the blade of your disposal.

Slab Leak Repairs

A leak in the concrete foundation of your home can be very dangerous and damaging. Some signs of a slab leak include:

  • constant running water sounds
  • cracked flooring or walls
  • ground that is hot to the touch
  • wetness or mildew/mold under carpets

If you ignore a slab leak for long periods of time, it will require extensive water damage repair - and it will cost you a ton in water bills. Call us for slab leak repair in Northglenn today.

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